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| Last Updated:23/09/2014

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The Hindu, 23 September 2014


The report, “More men among toilet-sceptics in India” (Sept. 22), sheds light on the darker side of open defecation. Toilets become defunct if there is in sufficient water supply. Maintenance and sanitation should be given paramount importance. People have a perception that open defecation is good for health. The government must create an awareness in rural India that good health is linked to the use of proper toilet use. The Prime Minister’s firm stand on making India open-defecation-free is indeed laudable.


S. Rajesh Kumar,
Karimnagar, Telangana
The article reminds me of the situation in my village in Nellore district where 40 families reside. There was not a single toilet before 2005, but then things changed. Even though most houses now have toilets, men still seem to prefer open defecation. The facility is mainly used by women and girls in the family. Toilets are used only during the rainy season or when there is a family gathering during the festival season. Read more....