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| Last Updated:24/09/2014

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Indore sanitation workers threaten strike, IMC staves it off

Hindustan Times, 22 September 2014


The timing couldn't have been worse for Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC). Even as it strives hard for a spruce-up under pressure from the court, scores of sanitation workers threatened to launch a strike to protest suspension of sanitary inspectors without due process and reiterating other longstanding demands.


The possible strike was, however, staved off after municipal commissioner Rakesh Singh reportedly gave a written assurance that the demands would be met in toto.


On a typical weekday, Indore regurgitates around 900 metric tonnes of municipal waste of which only around 600-700 tonnes reaches the trenching ground. The rest, with the exception of recyclable goods picked up by rag pickers, remains heaped at various sites with vacant plots being a favoured dumping ground.


Earlier, hundreds of sanitation workers, gathered under the banner of the Rajya Safai Karamachari Morcha, streamed into the IMC headquarter premises on Monday to demand, among other things, weekly offs for safai karamcharis (sanitation workers) on the muster. Read more....