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| Last Updated:11/10/2014

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Latest News

Private cleanliness amid public squalor

The Hindu, 11 October 2014


To succeed, the Prime Minister’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ initiative needs a local civic dimension, wherein cities create their own plans within the larger framework of the mission. Without it, the programme will remain nothing but a grand political scheme


After my sister’s death some years ago, I had carried her ashes for immersion in the Kosi river, an insignificant mountain tributary of the Ganga. I wanted an unsullied bit of water for a religious ceremony, and so chose a secluded stretch of the river in Uttarakhand near Ranikhet. But despite the remoteness, the water and its sand bed was littered with plastic, toothpaste tubes and instant noodle packets. And as the ceremony progressed, I noticed upstream from us a group of men defecating and chatting on the river rocks. Read more....