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| Last Updated:13/10/2014

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Unhygienic sanitation in shelters

The Hindu, 13 October 2014


BERHAMPUR: The problem of lack of proper toilets in educational institutions in Ganjam, the home district of Odisha Chief Minister came to fore after locals were moved here ahead of Hudhud. Most of the 402 temporary cyclone shelters identified in Ganjam district including the ones in Berhampur city were school and college buildings. In Berhampur, buildings of 27 educational institutions were used as cyclone shelters where around 7000 inhabitants of 44 slums of the city were sheltered. Availability of toilets is a major point of cleanliness in educational institutions and under Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan separate toilets for boys and girls in schools is a prescribed norm.


But in almost all the educational institutions where people from slums had been sheltered in Berhampur there was a dearth of properly maintained toilets. This hinted at the dismal state of availability of toilets in educational institutions in rural areas of the district. Similar complaints relating to the lack of proper toilets in schools used as cyclone shelters have also come up from rural areas of the district. Read more....