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| Last Updated:13/10/2014

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India's sanitation crisis needs innovations to work

The Economic Times, 12 October 2014


NEW DELHI: A staggering 70 percent of people in rural areas and 13 percent in urban India defecate in the open: astounding figures that are a pointer to the fact that a country which is galloping ahead in all other fields is lagging in a very basic area - sanitation.


Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi through his Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India campaign) has promised to build 100 million toilets across the country, experts say the money will not be well spent unless it's accompanied by a massive awareness campaign involving the government, non-profit groups and citizens.


According to Nikhil Dey, who has worked extensively in rural areas of India: "So far the toilets have been given to people who did not even have basic amenities like water or pucca (permanent) houses". Read more....