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| Last Updated:18/10/2014

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Latest News

Focus on clean water

The Hindu, 18 October 2014


Water supply in any building involves pipelines, fittings and valves. While there is much effort towards water conservation, the focus on ensuring supply of clean water is also getting attention in each building.


Clean water is related more to treatment processes and is not specific to the products used in the plumbing system, says Sudhakaran Nair, president of Indian Plumbing Association. There is a stress on cleanliness and some products available in the market are designed to avoid contamination with repeated use. Customers also need to take some measures to ensure that water does not get contaminated, adds Architect Gopinath Arunachalam.


For instance, customers can go in for faucets with long handles or sensors in hospitals or in the kitchen. This will avoid direct contact with water. Read more....