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| Last Updated:18/10/2014

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Latest News

Ahead of Haiti Donor Conference WBG Pledges US$50 Million in Water and Sanitation

The World Bank, 09 October 2014


World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim today pledged US$50 million ahead of the “Haiti: Clean water, Improved sanitation, Better health” conference and called on donors and other partners to join forces and help improve access to safe water and sanitation for all Haitians to prevent waterborne diseases.


“We have made significant progress in controlling the cholera epidemic in Haiti, but too many people are still getting sick, mainly because they don’t have access to clean water and lack sanitation systems. Cholera remains endemic and water borne diseases are one of the leading causes of infant mortality in Haiti,” said Kim.


“Expanding coverage of safe water and sanitation is possible. We cannot ignore this opportunity to prevent thousands more Haitian children from dying from waterborne diseases,” he added. Read More....