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| Last Updated:18/10/2014

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Sanitation matters to Girls, 18 October 2014


Having access to a toilet is something that we in the West take for granted but the lack of access to sanitation including a toilet has implications for at least 2.6 Billion people in the developing world as Mark Tran explains in The Guardian,


Sanitation related diseases such as diarrhea impact the health of individuals and some argue and quite rightly that there is no point giving a child a nutritious meal if that child’s sanitation needs have not been addressed.


As I write, West African countries are grappling with the Ebola virus and so far over 12,000 are reportedly dead. According the World Health Organisation (WHO) Ebola is spread through human contact and one of the most effective ways of managing it is through basic hygiene, this means access to water, soap and toilets or in short, decent sanitation. Read more....