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| Last Updated:27/10/2014

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'Agencies building toilets should also help in maintenance'

Business Standard, 24 October 2014


Hailing Narendra Modi government's plan to ensure construction of toilet in every household and school, sanitation activist Bindeshwar Pathak today suggested that the agencies building the facility should also be made to contribute towards its maintenance.


Pathak also suggested that for public toilets, the users should be charged a minimal amount which can be used for their maintenance.


"The agencies appointed to build toilets should be given the responsibility of its maintenance for at least a year," said the founder of Sulabh International, an NGO working in the field of sanitation.


"For public toilets, we should adopt the model used for Sulabh toilets. The users of public toilets should be charged Rs 2-3. This way the toilets can be maintained," he said. Read more....