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| Last Updated:27/10/2014

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The sanitation challenge

The Hindu, 25 October 2014


The washroom is the costliest space in a modern urban home on a per sq ft basis, whereas the situation is vastly different in rural households. A study by S. Vishwanath


There is much talk and focus on building toilets in India to end the practice of open defecation. A staggeringly large number is needed. In urban India, most of the toilets to be built will need to be community and public toilets.


While a rural toilet is subsidised (Rs. 12,000 per unit) with a single pit as a receptacle for waste, the urban toilet is owner built without subsidy. The arrangement of a separate toilet and bathroom is getting over. Now they are combined and a typical house will have two to three washrooms as they are called. These spaces have to be clean, hygienic, well ventilated and designed with the best fixtures and tiles. A quick count for a simple washroom listed 23 different appurtenances going in, from a shower cubicle, mirrors and cabinets to wall dado tiles and anti-skid flooring. The approximate spend on just the internal items alone was Rs. 1.2 lakh. The washroom is the costliest space in a modern home on a per square foot basis. Read more....