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| Last Updated:27/10/2014

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Gandhian couple leads war against waste

TNN, 14 October 2014


AHMEDABAD : A septuagenarian couple has been leading from the front in the war on waste. The duo has been spreading Mahatma Gandhi's words on sanitation and its benefits for the past 21 years in Paldi and adjoining areas.


It was in 1993 when Praful Shah and his wife Gauri who stay near Jail Merchants Society in Paldi saw a waste picker and an effective garbage disposal idea struck them.


Touched by the dismal condition of waste pickers, the couple started distributing big plastic bags in nearby societies. "I saw old women and young children picking rags in Paldi. My wife and me always pitied their lot and gave them woolen blankets in winter. We're so moved by their condition that post Surat plague epidemic, we launched a movement 'Swachchh Amdavad Abhiyaan'." Read more....