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| Last Updated:27/10/2014

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Hygiene bucket challenge finds takers across country, abroad

TNN, 16 October 2014


VADODARA: Lakhimapati Pegu from Bohikhowa village in Assam can now lead a healthy life because of a unique hygiene bucket challenge taken by Shivaja Prabod from Kochi in Kerala who donated a year's supply of sanitary napkins to Pegu and her two cousins. Prabod is among thousands who have taken up the challenge initiated by an activist from Vadodara.


Started in September by Swati Bedekar, the challenge is finding several takers across the country. It was conceptualized as an effort towards promoting menstrual health among underprivileged women and requires people to donate a bucket of a year's supply of sanitary napkins to a woman living in the slums.


Thousands from Assam, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya and Kerala have taken up the challenge. "More and more organizations and individuals are coming forward. Apart from women and young girls, even men are coming forward and taking the challenge to make a difference to the lives of poor women," said Bedekar. Read more....