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| Last Updated:27/10/2014

Latest News(Archive)

Latest News

19 Nov, Sanitation for improved lives of women and children, 24 October 2014


Join us for an Inspirational Morning Seminar on The Relevance of Sanitation and Hygiene in Addressing Children’s and Women’s Health & Rights.


Approximately 2,5 billion people around the world struggle to have access to proper sanitation on a daily basis. This requires prompt action from all actors including governments, donor agencies, the private sector, civil society, communities and down to individual levels.


The purpose of this seminar is to raise awareness about the taboos and difficulties surrounding sanitation specifically as it relates to health and for example girls’ and women’s menstrual hygiene. We hope to stimulate dialogue within Sida and among external actors about the relevance of sanitation and hygiene for women’s and children’s health and gender equity, and how Sida and Swedish actors can contribute to breaking oppressive taboos and improve access to adequate sanitation. If we can’t talk about these issues – how can we be relevant development partners? Read more....