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| Last Updated:03/11/2014

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Polluted rivers cause havoc in western U.P. villages

The Hindu, 03 November 2014


Contaminated waters of the Krishna river in Baghpat district of western Uttar Pradesh, barely 55 km from the nation's capital, may be responsible for cancer, bone deformity and paralysis among residents of several villages along its banks.


Independent studies have shown that the extremely high content of heavy metals and compounds like mercury, lead, zinc, phosphate, sulphide, cadmium, iron, nickel and manganese have been found in the river water which has become so poisonous that it does not have any aquatic life.


Residents of several villages in Baghpat are struggling with cancer which has led to several deaths. In Gangnoli village alone 112 people have died of cancer in the last two years and 47 are currently battling this disease. Some of them have been bedridden for three to five years. Read more....