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| Last Updated:08/11/2014

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Sanitation for Women More Precious Than Gem

Indian Express, 07 November 2014


A feisty woman in Maharashtra who sold her gold “mangalsutra”—the wedding chain and pendant—to raise money to build a toilet in her remote village home has earned kudos from people, and a felicitation from rural development minister Pankaja Munde. The womenfolk in her home were compelled to go to nearby fields to answer nature’s calls, dodging stares from men. Her husband Narayan ignored her demand, pleading resource constraints, and even her in-laws didn’t support her. “Toilet is a basic requirement for any family, not ornaments. I decided to sell my gold mangalsutra to finance the construction of a toilet in my home,” she told reporters.


Her feat earned admiration from not only her family but also the villagers, and as the news spread through local media, from people across Maharashtra and beyond. For, “mangalsutra” isn’t just another chain and a pendant, but dearest to a married Hindu woman as it is a symbol of her marriage. As a token of appreciation for taking forward prime minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Munde presented Sangita Awhale with a brand new “mangalsutra”, which she asked her husband Narayan to put it round his wife’s neck amidst cheers. Read more....