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| Last Updated:10/11/2014

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‘Clean India’ without ‘Teach India’ will be a Failure

newdelhitimes, 08 November 2014


One can very clearly remember a particular episode of comedian Russell Peters in which he was talking about his visit to India. He stated how his senses went to extremes as soon as he landed at the airport. Like many of you reading this or who watched it, many others too were offended by the comedian even though many have had a good laugh at all his racial jokes. However, offence was as baseless as the saying, ‘Money can’t buy happiness,’ it can, you just need to know where to shop. Many call it baseless because somewhere deep inside they too are aware, how we have made peace with filth and heaps of waste.


Believe that some got more offended because Russell Peters said what he had to in front of International audience. It was more a case of sudden patriotism than offence.


Like other sudden patriotic attacks, our Government also suddenly realized how important basic sanitation, public health and overall cleanliness are for development. Read more....