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| Last Updated:11/11/2014

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Latest News

Talks in India to Focus on Link Between Hygiene and Growth

nytimes, 10 November 2014


NEW DELHI — Responding to new research that links childhood malnutrition with poor sanitation, Unicef began a conference here Monday to explore ways of encouraging better hygiene so children can avoid the devastating consequences of stunting.


Researchers from around the world arrived in New Delhi to present their findings at the three-day conference, titled Stop Stunting and the group’s first to focus on the connection.


Geeta Rao Gupta, Unicef’s deputy executive director, opened the conference by describing how, as a girl in New Delhi during the 1960s, she played cricket barefoot in her neighborhood, and nearby, cow-herders lived in a slum with no toilets. Ms. Gupta often ran through grass full of human waste. Read more....