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| Last Updated:13/11/2014

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National Auditor Questions Targets Claimed by Gujarat's Sanitation Programme

NDTV, 13 November 2014


AHMEDABAD: The Comptroller and Auditor General or CAG has flayed the Gujarat government over its sanitation programme, pointing out that about 5,000 angandwadis in Gujarat don't even have toilets.


The CAG has also highlighted alleged mismanagement of the sanitation programme and accused the state government of inflating achievement of targets for individual household latrines. The CAG report revealed that between 2008 and 2013, only 46 per cent of the targets had been achieved, contrary to the claims made by the government.


It also stated that over 5,000 anganwadis centres in the state lacked toilet facilities.


"As against the target of over 40, 439 toilets to be completed by 2012, only 36,438 had been completed,'' stated the report. Read more....