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| Last Updated:20/11/2014

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Whither to go for a biobreak?

The Hindu, 20 November 2014


NSS data indicates that 60 p.c. of rural households and under 10 p.c. of urban dwellings do not have toilets


Latest figures from the National Sample Survey (NSS) data indicate that 60 per cent of rural households and under 10 per cent of urban households in India do not have access to a toilet. Even then, the blight of open defecation has been spoken about only in hushed tones despite 65 per cent of the population not using a toilet.


The situation is no better in Visakhapatnam.


It was to address this issue that Kootikuppala Surya Rao conducted a survey in city schools and entered into an agreement with the Centre for Science for Villages to build toilets in 10 schools in the city. Read more....