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| Last Updated:25/11/2014

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When Mahatma Gandhi hailed unsung heroes of sanitation

TNN, 19 November 2014


AHMEDABAD: Every morning, thousands of sanitary workers fan out across Ahmedabad to scavenge the garbage we irresponsibly dump in our neighbourhood. In 1928, Mahatma Gandhi had not only praised these invisible hands that clean our streets but also called for increasing their salaries.


Addressing a meeting of sanitation workers on March 27, 1928, Gandhiji inquired of Sardar Patel what salaries were paid to sweepers. He was told that the municipality paid Rs 12 a month to women, Rs 14 to men and Rs 16 to supervisors. Bapu also inquired how far they were addicted to drinking and gambling.


Gandhiji asked them to cultivate cleanliness so that they would cease to be regarded as untouchables. He said they would not get his help unless they cured themselves of bad habits. Read more....