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| Last Updated:26/11/2014

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Latest News

Time to put a lid on increasing garbage

The Hindu, 26 November 2014


Sangareddy, with 70,000 population, produces 41 tonnes of garbage every day


The district headquarters is facing difficulty in dealing with increasing garbage. With more than 70,000 population and about 40 per cent living in slum areas, the headquarters produces 41 tonnes of garbage every day out of which 36 per cent is cleared by the municipality staff. That means about 150 tonnes of garbage accumulates every month.


Earlier, the municipal sanitation staff used to dump garbage at a yard located near ITI. But it was stalled for about three months following opposition by the residents of newly-built MRF Colony, who complained of serious problems caused by the garbage. However, the municipal authorities convinced them to let them dump garbage with a promise that they will soon shift the dump yard to another locality at Jogipet. At present, the authorities have deployed two private and four municipal vehicles to collect garbage, in addition to 15 tricycles and one auto-rickshaw. They are also contemplating on recruiting additional staff after making a proper assessment. Read more....