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| Last Updated:27/11/2014

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Latest News

Designer boutiques, open sewers co-exist here

The Hindu, 27 November 2014


Highly congested and severely neglected for years now, Lado Sarai is an over 300-year-old small village in South Delhi, which is ironically more famous for designer boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and design studios.


The residents too have realised that renting out space to artistes gives them a decent-sized extra income.


All the creativity, however, seems to have failed to touch the village, which remains a maze of open sewers, heaps of garbage, vacant land lying disused, water-logged streets, open drains and haphazard everyday living, which gives the area a slum-like appearance.


With an aim to revive this medieval era colony, the Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) has carried out a comprehensive study and established dialogue with the locals to identify the problems and arrive at the best possible solutions. Read more....