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| Last Updated:03/12/2014

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Latest News

CEO calls for collective action to get rid of open defecation

The Hindu, 03 December 2014


Vijaya V. Jhyothsna, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Raichur Zilla Panchayat, said that everybody is a stakeholder in making society free from open defecation. She was addressing at a media workshop on sanitation at Reporters’ Guild here on Tuesday. The event was organised by Communication for Development and Learning (CDL) in association with Karnataka Working Journalists’ Association and Raichur Reporters’ Guild.


“Government can get public toilets built for people. It can also offer financial assistance to building private toilets. The responsibility of making people use them rests with everybody,” she said.


Of the target of building 34,900 private toilets at rural areas of Raichur district for the year, she added, as many as 15,000 are completed and work on the rest underway. She exuded confidence to meet the target. Read more....