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| Last Updated:04/12/2014

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Regular activities to inculcate habit of sanitation among students

TNN, 03 December 2014


BHOPAL: State government has issued directives to organise regular activities under 'Swachchhata Mission' to inculcate habit of sanitation among students of government schools in the state.


As per directives of union ministry of human resources development, Swachchhata Mission's activities are to be run throughout the year in schools. Ministry has given these directives in the context of Bal Swachchhata Mission activities undertaken in schools.


In the letter to district collectors, government has also attached suggestive details of sanitation activities. Districts have been told that they may implement it with changes as per requirement. Through sanitation activities, students will be informed about importance of sanitation and hygiene and motivated to adopt them as habit. Read more....