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| Last Updated:16/12/2014

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Latest News

Sanitation: Hygiene Linked to Healthy Childbirth?, 16 December 2014


Sanitation is a comfort long taken for granted in modern western delivery rooms, but a recently released study by the World Health Organization (WHO) links the lack of access to good hygiene during pregnancy and childbirth, to increased risk for many third world women and newborns. Appearing in the PLOS Medicine journal on Dec. 12, 2014, the study found that the expected rate of infection and mortality for both mother and infant is significantly higher in low-income birth settings, many of which take place at home in impoverished areas of the world. Even in healthcare facilities, the lack of clean water and sanitation can cause serious complications. The WHO aims to strategically intervene in the growing problem of women’s health and preventable infant mortality. Read more....