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| Last Updated::17/06/2016

Major Activity


“Swachh Bharat Pakhwada” 2016

                                                      “Swachh Bharat Pakhwada” 2016
 Celebrated at Kirbi Place, Dhobi Ghat Slum Area, New Delhi on 15th June, 2016 by SulabhENVIS Centre


Honble Prime Minister of India gave a call for “Swachh Bharat “as a mass movement to realize Mahatma Gandhis dream of a Clean India. Honble Prime Minister desired that a nationwide campaign be organized with the participation of all sections of the society to bring about mass awareness on cleanliness and the government officers should also ensure participation in the cleaning of the government offices and other places.


The intensive national cleanliness campaign started from 25th September 2014. The Honble Prime Minister said it is our social responsibility as citizens of India to help fulfil Mahatma Gandhi vision of Clean India, by his 150th birth anniversary in 2019.


Mission Objectives:

  • Construction of individual, cluster and community toilets.

  • To eliminate or reduce open defecation. Open defecation is one ofthe main causes of deaths of thousands of children each year.

  • Not only latrine construction, the Swachh Bharat Mission will also make an initiative of establishing an accountable mechanism of monitoring latrine use.

  • Public awareness will also be provided about the drawbacks of open defecation and promotion of latrine use.

  • Proper, dedicated ground staff will be recruited to bring about behavioural change and promotion of latrine use.

  • For proper sanitation use, the mission will aim at changing people’s attitudes, mindsets and behaviours.

  • Villages to be kept clean with Solid and Liquid Waste Management

  • Solid and liquid waste management through gram panchayats.

  • To lay water pipelines in all villages, ensuring water supply to all Households by 2019.

  • To make India Open Defecation Free (ODF) India by 2019, by providing access to toilet facilities to all.

  • To provide toilets, separately for Boys and Girls in all schools by 15.8.2015.

  •  provide toilets to all Anganwadis


Sulabh ENVIS Center organized an Awarness cum Cleanliness Drive programe during "Swachh Bharat Pakhwada" at Kirbi Place, Dhobi ghat slum area in Delhi on 15th June, 2016 . During the programe many activities has been done with the actively particapited by the slum peoples esipecally childrens. In the occasion Ms Priyanka Chaudhary (MCD counsellor Ward No -8, Delhi) has given speech on sanitation and hygiene. We have done cleanliness drive in the slum area and also distributed cleanliness materials like dustbins, gloves, face masks, brooms and dust pan to school, anganwadi and local people.


SulabhENVIS Coordinator, Dr. Namita Mathur, Dr. G.S Yadav, Secretary of International Institute of Health and Hygiene and Ms Priyanka Chaudhary (MCD counsellor Ward No -8, Delhi) emphasized the importance of the mission of "Swachh Bharat Pakhwada" to the childrens and slum inhabitants and made them aware about the "Swachh Bharat Mission" mass movement.


Our special thanks to the people of Kirbi Place Dhobi Ghat slum area and Ms Priyanka Chaudhary (MCD counsellor Ward No -8, Delhi) for their cooperation in the successful completion of this activity.


                                                                 Some highlights of this programme


Dr. G.S Yadav Secretary (IIHH), Spreading Awareness about Swachh Bharat Pakhwada


Speech by Ms Priyanka Chaudhary MCD counsellor Ward No -8, Delhi

Distributing cleanliness material to primary school teachers by Coordinator of SulabhENVIS 

Gloves and mask distribution to slum populaces who actively participated in cleanliness drive .

Cleanliness Drive on Swacha Bharat Pakhwada

Cleanliness Material has been given to Ms Deepa, anganwadi member

Slum childrens viewing banner.