Envis Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024


  IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet System


  • An environment Friendly Toilet System


  • Biological decomposition of Human waste.


  • Bio-Toilet is an innovative technology for disposal of solid human waste in an ecofriendly, economical and hygienic manner.


  • A Bio-Toilet is a complete waste management solution which reduces solid human waste to Biogas and pure water, with the help of a bacterial Inoculum.


  • Green toilet aims at – Zero – defection on the ground


1.Discharge on track creates environmental problems as well as problem in working to work man.


2. A multi-directional strategy has been implemented for adoption in IRPassenger Coaches.


3.The first rake with bio-toilets developed with DRDO is running in Bundelkhand Express since 18th January -2011.


4.Five more rakes fitted with DRDO technology toilets have been allotted to NR, NCR, NER, NFR, CR, WR, WCR  and  SECR.


5. 2500 more coaches will be fitted with DRDO toilets during 2012-2013


  Advantage of IR-DRDO Bio-Digester


1. No bed smell in toilets from the tanks


2. No infestation of Cockroaches & flies


3. Fecal matter in the tank not visible


4. No clogging of digester


5. Effluent is free from off odour and solid waste


6. No maintenance required


7. Reduction in organic matter by 90%


8. No requirement of adding bacteria/ enzyme


9. No need of removal of solid waste


Benefits of Green Toilet


• Environment friendly


• Preventing damages to tracks due to Corrosion


• Improved Aesthetics at Railway Stations


Types of Environment Friendly toilets


1.Bio-Toilets – Bio-digester is provided, effluent is discharged on track after bio de-gradation.


2.Vacuum Toilets – Direct transport from the toilet bowl to the tank aided by vacuum creation in the     tank and pipe line.


3.Zero discharge toilet systems – Waste is collected at terminus and processed, solid and liquid   separation is done in  the tank itself.