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| Last Updated:: 25/08/2022

Graphical Data



Source: Ministry of Jal Shakti Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation National Jal Jeevan Mission,


Updated on 25th August, 2022


Tap water supply in households (HHs) 


Source: Jal Jivan Mission  Updated on 27th September, 2021


Tap water supply in  schools | India


Source: Jal Jivan Mission, Updated on 27th September , 2021


Tap water supply in districts| India




Source:Jal Jivan Mission  Updated on 27th September, 2021


Rural and urban service levels, 2015 and 2020



Sourc:JMP Updated on 3rd July, 2021


Sanitation Coverage


Source:Annual Report, Ministry of Driking Water and Saniatation, 2020-21 Updated on 19th June, 2021


Sanitation Coverage


Improvement in Sanitation Coverage since 2nd October, 2014 is given below:



Source:Annual-report Ministry of drinking water and sanitation 2019-2020 Updated on 16th June, 2021


Progressive coverage-Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) (as on 31.05.2021)


Comparative FHTC coverage status of States/ UTs (as on 31.05.2021) Updated on 4th June, 2021


No. of rural households to be provided tap water connections



Source: Updated on 9th May, 2021


Progressive coverage-Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC)-(as on 31.03.2021)



Source:Ministry of drinking water and sanitation, Government of India Updated on 13th April, 2021


Comparave FHTC coverage status of States/ UTs



Source:Ministry of drinking water and sanitation ,Government of India Updated on 13th April, 2021


State-level performance on water resource management Ranking of states according to Composite Water Index Scores (FY 16-17)



 High-medium and low-performing states on water resource management 



Source:Composite Water Management Index NITI Aayog , Updated on 5th October, 2019


Sanitation Coverage



Source :, Updated on 11th May, 2018


Trends in percentage of households having to access improved source of drinking water



Source: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Report 2015


Status of Drinking Water in Schools




Source:Ministry of Human Resource Development, Report (2014)


Progress towards developing and implementing integrated water resources management plans



Source:UN-Water, Report 2012


Percentage of households ‘treating drinking water’ and having ‘good quality of drinking water’ in rural and urban India during 2012



Source: National Sample Survey Office, Report 2012


% sanitation Coverage



Source : Annual Report 2013-14