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Printed Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024

Graphical Data

Identified Manual Scavengers



Scource : F.India, 23rd, Agust 2016


Manual Scavenger Households: Top Five States



Scource : F.India, 23rd, Agust 2016


Number of Manual Scavengers in India - Manual Scavenging in India


Not all states have Manual Scavengers. As per the latest data available with the Government, there are a total of 11,635 manual scavengers across the country. Leading the pack is Uttar Pradesh with 10016 manual scavengers. This is a whopping 86% of all manual scavengers in the country. There are 11 states where there are manual scavengers even today. These states are from all the parts of the country.



Source:factly.in/manual-scavenging-in-india-8-pc-manual-scavengers-are-in-uttar-pradesh/  27th, July 2015