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| Last Updated:: 25/10/2021

Graphical Data

Hand hygiene services in health care facilities, by country, 2019, (%)



Source:unicefUpdated on 25th October, 2021


Handwashing before eating and after using the toilet in schools in Latin America and the Caribbean, (%)



Source:unicefUpdated on 25th October, 2021


Top countries in expanding hand hygiene coverage, 2015-2020 Since 2015, 13 countries have increased basic hygiene by at least 5 percentage points



Source:unicef, Updated on 25th October, 2021


Poor hygiene conditions are the main barriers for using school toilets 


Source:mb.cision Updated on 8th Dec, 2020


Reduction in deaths due to diarrhea



Source:, Updated on 9th May, 2018


Fraction of death and DALYs (Disability- adjusted life year) attributable to the enviroment globally, 2012



Source : WHO, Updated on January 7th, 2017


Women and girls feeling uncomfortable in social situations when they are on their period



Scource :
The SCA Hygiene Matters Report 2016/17


People feeling discomfort buying menstrual hygiene (a lot or some)



Scource : The SCA Hygiene Matters Report 2016/17


Have you ever talked about matters connected to personal hygiene with any of the following people you know?



Scource :
The SCA Hygiene Matters Report 2016/17


People who have talked to their daughter about menstruation



Scource : The SCA Hygiene Matters Report 2016/17


A majority of respondents are willing to share personal data about hygiene



Scource :
The SCA Hygiene Matters Report 2016/17


Proportion of the population with a handwashing facility with soap and water (2009-2014) 



Source:Unicef, August 22nd, 2016



Only one third of countries estimate that hygiene promotion programmes are scaled up in primary schools



Source:2011 Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS) country survey 


Percentage with High Household Hygiene Score



Percentage of respondents who wash hands 5+ times daily



Source: International hygiene study 2011  


Pneumonia and diarrhoea are among the leading killers of children worldwide



Global distribution of deaths among children under age 5, by cause, 2010


Source: Unicef