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| Last Updated:: 06/03/2021


Adapting In A Time Of Crisis: WSUP Webinar


The Role of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Reducing Malnutrition in Laos


Ground Report / Telangana / Jagtiyal / Open defecation


Myth 5 - Toilet is Smelly




Freddy the Fly – an animated video about a community’s journey to ODF status


Community Led Total Sanitation: Sustainable Sanitation Beyond Just Toilets - By CLTS Foundation


Baapu ke Chasma (Chhattisgarhi)


Indian Railways aims to equip coaches with bio-toilets by 2021


From door to door: changing lives through group meetings and home visits




Swachh Bharat Animation




Ensure the dignity of a Dulhan (Hindi) Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin


Swachh Bharat Song (Hindi)


Transforming Human Poop Into Eco-Friendly Fertilizer


The Dawn of a Sanitation Revolution in India


Beyond Just Toilets - Fast Tracking an Open Defecation Free India


Water for people low cost tech FSM


PBS film on sanitation and stunted growth


Animation film on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene - Open Defecation


Success with Sanitation Business in Indonesia


A Future Re-imagined: Urban Sanitation In India


India's sanitation crisis


Meet Mr. Toilet


 Support the World Toilet Organization! Give a Shit!


The amazing power of toilet innovation – Brian Arborgast


The surprising truth of open defecation in India – Sangita Vyas


Ending open defecation is IN OUR HANDS!


Open Defecation in Rupaliya village of Gaunaha, Bihar


Nadia open defecation free district in India


World Toilet Day: Reality check on sanitation in India


Question Time: Water and Sanitation


Make change happen: World Water Day


Motivating Through Dignity Improves Sanitation in Rajasthan


2015 Hot Topics: "Sanitation Law and Policy in India: Multiple Challenges"


Toilets For All - Make a Difference in Your Community


WSSCC - At the heart of a global movement


No toilet, no wedding: 4 Rajasthan villages to build toilets at home


Troubled Waters: Improving safety and hygiene in India – HSBC NOW


Rural Sanitation TVC (Anti-Open Defecation Campaign)


Why water, sanitation and hygiene are key to Post 2015 discussions | WaterAid


Making India open defecation free - one district at a time


The surprising truth of open defecation in India


CLEAN INDIA: Eradicating Open Defecation


Improving Education: Through Water & Sanitation, Bangladesh (BRAC)


Sanitation crisis looms over India - stark reality


World Vision India's WASH Initiatives 2015


Debate on Vote 36: Water and Sanitation, 21 May 2015


Improving Education: Through Water & Sanitation, Bangladesh (BRAC)


Toilet Humour is Serious Business


A documentary on sanitation and Hygiene


Reaching the Unreached: Listening to South Asian voices on Equity and Inclusion in WASH


Animation film on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene - Drinking water


Toilets on Credit


India's toilet revolution


India - No toilet, no bride


World Toilet Day (DD Lok Sabha)


United Nations Headquarters marks World Toilet Day


Sanitation crisis looms over India - stark reality


Take it On: Sanitation is Priceless in Indian Village


Sanitation is such a big word — what does it mean to you?


Let's Talk About It


Poo in Capital... The Legacy of Open Defecation


Can a Toilet Help Lift India's Untouchables out of Poverty?


Umande Trust Sanitation Payment Innovations


Thirst-Aid Zawgyi Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education Video


WOW 2014 | Women, Water & Sanitation: From Burden To Liberation


Take The Poo To The Loo


East Timor Water & Sanitation - Part 1 of 5 Community management of resources


Undoing Inequity - Investigating the Cost of Inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Service Deliver


Khmer RFA News ''Trash Collectors Care about Sanitation in Phnom Penh'' 07 Feb 2014


SANITATION -a critical global issue (World toilet day 2013)


UNICEF Total Sanitation TVC 1 - Priyanka Bharti Featuring Vidya Balan


Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar UNICEF ambassador for hygiene & sanitation in South Asia


Women in Sanitation


WATER AND SANITATION Getting the balance right


New law to ban India's 'untouchable' toilet cleaners


Sanitation campaign in Indian village starts with women and youth


WASHCost Mozambique: How much does it cost to build a traditional latrine?


Danger, disgust and indignity: Women's perception of sanitation in informal settlements


UNICEF: Young people help to improve sanitation in Haiti


Sustainable Sanitation & Hygiene for All


Changing the culture of toilets in India


Rajkot bags Best City Award for cleanliness and sanitation


Open Defecation Free Villages


Bio digester Toilets Developed by DRDO DHAMRA, ODISHA


Water and sanitation: a partnership for change


Eyewitness Bangladesh: Sanitation and Hygiene - Challenges and Solutions


Toward Clean Cities: Addressing Sanitation in Urban India


Sanitation Hackathon Field Trips


1 in 3 women: A WaterAid film for World Toilet Day


Open defecation


Zero Open Defecation


Public Health Issues of Water and Sanitation


India's sanitation crisis


khule mein tatti kabhi naa karna


Sanitation First


The Trigger: A film on Community Led Total Sanitation - 5 Day Workshop, India


Indian Railway world's biggest open toilet: Jairam Ramesh

India's sanitation emergency

Vidya the brand ambassador for sanitation drive

Why does India defecate in open?

Sanitation for All - Dignity at Last

Shah Rukh Khan talks about sanitation and hygiene in India