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| Last Updated:: 30/06/2023

Tabular Data

State/UT-wise no. of villages covered with Solid and Liquid Waste Management (SLWM) as per IMIS of SBM(G) as on 31-12-2022



Source: Annual-Report-2022-23  Updated on 30th June, 2023


 Status of Solid Waste Management in the country
Total Solid Waste Generation
1,50,847 tpd
Solid Waste Collected
1,46,053 tpd (96.8%)
Solid Waste Treated
70,973 tpd (47%)
Solid Waste landfilled
40,863 tpd (27.08%)
Solid Waste Unaccounted
39,010 tpd (25.8%)


Status of Plastic Waste Management in the country



Status of C&D Waste Processing Facilities


Hazardous Waste Generation (Million Tonne) & Management


Source: CPCB Annual Report 2020-21  Updated on 17th November, 2022


State-Wise Status of Solid Waste Management in India



SourceAnnual Report on Solid Waste Management (2020-21), CPCB, Updated on 18th November, 2022