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| Last Updated:: 15/05/2023

Important Days




Children’s Day in India

14 November

Gandhi Jayanti

 2 October

Independence Day

 15 August

Global Handwashing Day

 15 October

Republic Day

 26 January

Earth Day

 22 April

World Environment Day

 05 June

Menstrual Hygiene Day

 28 May

World Toilet Day

 19 November

World Water Day

 22 March

World Health Day

 7 April

Teachers Day in India

 5 September

International Women’s Day

 8 March

National Science Day

 28 February

National Youth Day

 12 January 

World Forestry Day

 21 March

International Labour Day

 1 May

World Red Cross Day

 8 May

World Ozone Day

 16 September

World AIDS Day

 1 December

World Population Day

 11 July

World Blood Donor Day

 14 June

Mother's Day

 May 2nd Sunday

World Food Day

 16 October

World Habitat Day

 First Monday of October

World Metrological Day

23 March

Father's Day

June 3rd Sunday

World Haemophilia Day

17 April

World Animal Welfare Day

4 October

International Biodiversity Day

29 December

Human Rights Day

10 December

World Energy Day

14 December

World Conservation Day

3 December

World Computer Literacy Day

2 December

World Habitat Day

6 October

UN Day; World Development Information Day

24 October

International Yoga Day

21 June

Van Mahotsav

1st Week of July

National Bird Day

5th January

World Heritage Day

18th April

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

28th April

World Food Safety Day


World Cleanup Day

8th September

World Atmosphere Day

10th April

Global Recycle Day

18th March